My first Wine Bloggers Conference!

I am going to my first Wine Bloggers Conference taking place later this year, August 13-16th, in the Finger Lakes in New York. I must confess I have never been to any type of bloggers conference.

I have been in the wine business for over a decade, but I have been mainly involved in sales. I have always loved reading articles and books from the great wine writers of the world, and even though I have fantasized about writing one day, I have never thought of myself as being a writer.

For many years, I have privately written my thoughts about wine and everything else in my life that I connect with wine. My writing was only for me, because I thought I could never write well. Last June, I decided to write a blog. I knew that I could never be a great writer (my work desperately needs an editor!), but I felt I had many thoughts that I wanted to share, and I wanted to hear back from others about all these ideas I would love to roll around in my brain.

After many months, I have received great feedback about my writing. Yes, it is not the most elegant in the world. I’m still working on that aspect of it. But it seems some people find my thoughts and ideas interesting. They like my “conversational” style. And I really have enjoyed the people I have met through social media who agree or disagree with my ideas. I love the debates and learning from other people who have far greater expertise in other areas of wine.

It has enriched my life tenfold, and I think back on my initial fears and I say to myself, “Why was I so afraid of putting my writing out there in the first place?” And so I am trying another first, I am attending my first Wine Bloggers Conference.

I really look forward to not only learning more about Blogging and everything that comes with it, but I look forward to meeting bloggers from all over the world.

Finger Lakes

And this is my first time in the Finger Lakes. I know, I know…I have lived in New York City for over 21 years. My husband went to school in the Finger Lakes and always talks about the beauty of the place. I have traveled to many vineyards around the world, but never the Finger Lakes. I guess I always took it for granted that I would go, and as we all know, time passes too quickly. And since I am turning 40 in May, I have made a promise to myself that there are no more “I’ll do it next year”…. especially if it is something that is within the realm of a realistic thing I can accomplish.

So I look forward to experiencing the stunning beauty of the Finger Lakes, meeting many of the other wine bloggers, and blogging my little heart out in August.

If you are interested in checking out some information about this conference, I have provided a link below:

2015 Wine Bloggers Conference, August 13-16th 2015 in Finger Lakes, New York

twitter: @WineBloggersCon

Hashtag: #WBC15

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