Sample Policy and Email

Yes, I do accept samples of wine for review.

Please contact me at damewine @ to discuss the wines you would like to send me, and I will follow up the email with my shipping address.

There are certain times of year where I am overwhelmed with trade tastings and wine samples. If you are trying to send me samples during a time where I think it is impossible to properly review your wine then I may decline the samples.

If you notice, my website mainly focuses on storytelling, sometimes with bullet point tasting notes at the end, this website does not focus on lengthy tasting notes. Typically I write posts based on meeting producers in NYC or my visits during press trips. Sometimes wine samples will fit into a story that I would like to tell but many times I will share samples via my instagram account @damewine without posting it on my website – as I like to keep my website purely for storytelling.

I will not write about a wine that I deem to be faulted, or that I think has no value to any consumer segment. I think this is the best policy for all parties involved since I have no desire to be a negative voice in the wine world. If I do review a wine I will give my professional, honest opinion that may include aspects of the wine I liked and disliked. I will judge wines based on the price point, intended market and style of wine – whether it be entry level to fine wine.

***Also, I do not accept offers for paid posts or guest posts.


Cathrine Todd aka Dame Wine