Masters of Wine Exam Results


I decided to make the title to this post short and sweet. I started this post last night, the 6th of September. Tomorrow morning my journey through the MW program may end, or it may continue with me having to resit practical or theory, or I will be able to move onto the 3rd stage, the research paper.

Of course I will be sad if I failed both theory and practical again, of course there will be pain. But I plan on holding my head up high, once I get past the tears,
because I have significantly improved as a thinker, a taster, a communicator and as a human being.

It is interesting to be placed through extremely difficult challenges in life.
It not only shows you that you did not crawl in a hole and die if you failed, but it shows you the true nature of others while you are going through such tough times.

I have been at the receiving end of many acts of kindness.

Whether it was other students sharing their knowledge, Masters of Wine giving me advice, people helping me to debate various wine topics, smiles and laughs with people I have shared my journey and/or tagging me in a Star Wars link or two.

If I failed then I take full responsibility that I was not ready. I did not show enough mastery on those four days of exams. And no matter the outcome I know my journey of growing and improving is not over. There are still many lessons I have learned from Masters of Wine that I’m still working on – still trying to reach that highest bar all the time, and I have a feeling that I will keep trying to reach that highest bar until my last breath.

So I am grateful for all the gifts I have received from generous people, and I know I am lucky to have known many people with such a strong character.

I go to sleep happy tonight and ready for whatever comes tomorrow….

….well, this morning I woke up to find out I did not pass the exams again. I am better with this news then I thought I would be. I have come a long way and I’m proud of myself.  So I thank you all for your support and I look forward to writing my next wine nerdy blog post.

The lightsaber is always there waiting for us to live a new day so let’s do just that with full gusto, may the force be with all of you!

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